Welcome to hsbWriters work groups that are forming. The purpose of these groups is to share knowledge and inspire and support each other. If you don't see a group you need or want, reach out to us to start it.

*Note that the email addresses are adapted to (hopefully!) prevent an algorithm from collecting them.  Change " AT " to "@" and " DOT " to "." when you type the email address.

These work groups are forming. Reach out to connect.

Thrillers & Suspense:
Donna Joppie
donnaj AT donnajoppie DOT com

Paloma Guerrero
agame78657 AT gmail DOT com

Children's books:
Carla Burke
carlaburke76 AT gmail DOT com
Laura Powell
lmpowellbooks AT gmail DOT com

Carla Burke
carlaburke76 AT gmail DOT com
Sarah Thompson
sethompson2000 AT gmail DOT com

Rebecca Kelley
kelleygroup AT mac DOT com


Horseshoe Bay, TX, US

About us

hsbWriters is a not-for-profit organization providing community, support, opportunity and inspiration for writers, editors, and illustrators in Horseshoe Bay, Texas and the surrounding area. If you are a neighbor in Horseshoe Bay or the surrounding area and a writer in any capacity or with any level of expertise, we welcome you to join our community.